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Prior to 2015, Chancy has recorded and released 3 independent studio albums (I Did All This-2008, Changes-2010, This Time E.P.-2014) and as of January 2015, he is currently recording his 4th. Chancy wrote 26 of the 27 songs from all 3 albums, with the one song exception being titled "Hurricane" from the "Changes" album written by good friend Gary Wayne Thomason.

Notable songs from the "Changes" album:

"Amarillo"- Released as a radio single in 2011 and was in the Top 200 songs for that year.

"Red Dirt Town"- Was featured in a pilot episode on ABC for the TV show "GCB".

Chancy has shared the stage with artists such as: Stoney Larue, Bleu Edmondson, No Justice, CooderGraw, William Clark Green, Tejas Brothers, Josh Abbott & Aaron Watson.